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Mobile Dialer

Make VoIP call from your Mobile. Don’t limit yourself to your PC or home, now you can use our Mobile dialer services from your Mobile! Mobile Softphone is a Mobile dialer to make VoIP calls using WiFi or other internet based cell phone technology.

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Pc 2 Phone

Call anywhere from your PC! Simply download our pc2phone software to your laptop or PC. You will be able to make calls from your PC to phone to anywhere in the world. To start saving sign up and download your Free PC to Phone Dialer today!

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which an entire server is leased to the client and is not shared with anyone else. You can choose the type of operating system, be it Linux or Windows and customize the configuration of the hardware as required.

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IP Phone

Device to phone is a phone that can be plugged directly into the Internet to place VoIP calls and can be configured to the New Youth Phone servers. Easy to setup & configure.

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New Youth Phone

We are a licensed Internet Voice and Data service provider headquartered in New York, USA. Established in 2006, our key business focus is to provide communication solutions offering unmatched quality, aggressive rates and no compromise customer satisfaction.

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Reseller Program

We understand the needs of resellers, service providers and startups and move in quickly to fulfill them. While our excellent pricing allows you to acquire new customers, the stable quality we offer ensures that you retain them. We believe the balance in pricing and quality

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